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Data Protection

Friday Five 7/8

In this week’s Friday Five, read more about what Apple is doing to protect users against government-backed malware, why U.S. healthcare organizations should be on high alert, how threat actors are changing their tactics, and much more.

Friday Five 5/20

In this week's Friday Five, read about the outing of a ransomware mastermind, growing threats against the global maritime supply chain, an under-the-radar iPhone exploit, and more!

Insider Threat: Definition & Examples

A recent report said that almost half of data breaches involve an insider element. In this blog we define what constitutes an insider threat and give you nearly 50 examples to help illustrate the threat further.

Friday Five 12/2

$31M in digital coin stolen, an insider extortion attack, and a new cybersecurity resource for healthcare workers - catch up on the infosec news of the week with the Friday Five!

Friday Five 10/1

Android scam apps, how insider threats can cause damage, and combating SIM swap attacks - catch up on the week's infosec news with the Friday Five!