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Digital Guardian Announces Special Offer for Symantec DLP Customers

by Bill Bradley on Friday September 29, 2023

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Post-acquisition, Symantec DLP customers looking to reduce vendor uncertainty should take advantage of this exclusive offer.

With the upcoming sale of Symantec to Broadcom set to close before the calendar year, customers of Symantec’s DLP offering may be looking for a change. If you’re one of those customers, Digital Guardian is here to help you migrate, quickly and seamlessly.

If you're considering switching, read on to learn how, through special pricing and migration services, Digital Guardian can help you reduce your risk and vastly improve your organization’s data security posture.

Who should consider switching?

Customers leery about the acquisition, looking to reduce their vendor risk, or simply interested in obtaining the broadest DLP coverage available will want to inquire about making the transition to Digital Guardian’s Enterprise Network and Endpoint DLP.

What are the benefits of switching?

Digital Guardian's capabilities can more than outperform Symantec’s offering. Digital Guardian’s comprehensive enterprise DLP solution allows organizations to see and track data across its endpoints, networks, and the cloud to protect it from both insider and outsider threats.

Thanks to Digital Guardian's enterprise-wide visibility, companies that deploy our agent can see where their data lives - whether it’s at the endpoint, in databases, or in the cloud - regardless of the data type, to know when it’s at risk. Knowing where data lives in your ecosystem is the only way to ensure its protected.

This visibility is driven by Digital Guardian’s data discovery capabilities in addition to its content inspection engine and contextual awareness. This allows organizations to locate and identify data, whatever form it takes, to meet compliance and reduce data loss. By being able to discover sensitive data at rest, organizations can have what they need to meet compliance and data security needs.

Where does Digital Guardian beat Symantec?

Unlike Symantec, Digital Guardian protects data across all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

By being able to see activity at all three levels - system, user, and data – our agent allows organizations to see data usage. Thanks to our endpoint detection and response capabilities, Digital Guardian can help organizations understand threats more deeply and stop attacks in process.

Recognized as a leader by Gartner and Forrester, Digital Guardian is the only company that offers data protection as a managed service. By acting as a remote extension of your team, our MSP spares organizations the trouble of finding skilled professionals to oversee complicated data protection initiatives. Our SaaS delivery model can scale to meet demands, while cutting maintenance costs, and reducing complexity and overhead.

Intellectual property theft continues to run rampant. Thankfully, Digital Guardian's superior IP protection finds, classifies, and protects IP better than any other DLP solution. Digital Guardian was even ranked #1 for intellectual property protection in the latest Gartner Critical Capabilities for Enterprise DLP report.

What’s the migration process like?

DG has already converted Fortune 50 to midmarket companies from Symantec DLP using our trusted on-boarding methodology.

After engaging and learning about Digital Guardian’s special pricing and transition plan, companies just have to choose their delivery model – on premises, SaaS or managed security program. From there, DG will work closely with your team to deploy, optimize, and reduce data protection risks – even creating new, custom policies if needed. By following a phased deployment plan, organizations can achieve immediate time to value

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