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Digital Guardian Debuts Exclusive Offer for Forcepoint DLP Customers

by Bill Bradley on Friday August 18, 2023

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With news the company will be acquired, Forcepoint DLP customers may be looking for a change.


Forcepoint alternatives


In the wake of news that Forcepoint is set to be sold to Francisco Partners, a private equity firm, customers of the company's data loss prevention product may be looking for an alternative.

Whether you're uneasy about the sale and the future of the company or you’re just looking to de-risk your data protection program, Digital Guardian is here to make migrating from Forcepoint fast and easy.

If you're one of those customers or just evaluating your data protection program, read on to learn more about how Digital Guardian, through special pricing and migration services, can increase your data protection coverage and cut your DLP overhead.

Who should be reading this?

Forcepoint customers who may be on the fence after the company’s divestiture from Raytheon, looking to reduce vendor risk, or just get the best and broadest DLP available will want to ask more about making the change to Digital Guardian's Enterprise Network or Endpoint DLP.

What are some of the benefits of changing?

Digital Guardian's capabilities surpass Forcepoint's. Digital Guardian's enterprise-wide visibility hinges on the ability to see activity at three levels, including system, user, and data events. This allows organizations to see and control everything that happens in an environment. With the deepest visibility, organizations can get the context needed in order to safeguard its most valuable data from both insider and outsider threats.

Unlike Forcepoint, with Digital Guardian organizations don't need to worry about tagging data or even putting policies in place before deploying Endpoint DLP. Administrators can gauge how sensitive data is being accessed and used throughout an organization prior to policies being in place. Digital Guardian also automatically classifies and tags data - ensuring sensitive data stays where it belongs, even if users cut and paste it, rename the file type, or try to encrypt it.

Why should someone pick Digital Guardian over Forcepoint?

Digital Guardian knows that Intellectual property is the lifeblood of an organization – our superior IP protection finds, classifies, and protects IP better than any other DLP solution. Digital Guardian was even ranked #1 for intellectual property protection in the latest Gartner Critical Capabilities for Enterprise DLP report.

Recognized as a leader by Gartner and Forrester, Digital Guardian is the only company that offers data protection as a managed service. By acting as a remote extension of your team, our MSP spares organizations the trouble of finding skilled professionals to oversee complicated data protection initiatives. Our SaaS delivery model can scale to meet demands, while cutting maintenance costs, and reducing complexity and overhead.

What’s the migration process like?

Digital Guardian has already converted Fortune 50 to midmarket companies from Forcepoint DLP using our proven on-boarding methodology. For a cloud-based SaaS deployment, our DG Customer Success team can walk you through the transition plan, help you configure policies, alerts, reports, and dashboards. A phased deployment plan can replace your existing solution while minimizing downtime.

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