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Digital Guardian Expands Microsoft Information Protection


Protect Sensitive Data in Your Microsoft Environment and Throughout Your Enterprise

Data is what fuels business today, whether your emphasis is regulated data such as PCI, PHI, or PII, or intellectual property it is one of your most valuable assets. To create and use that data your employees rely on a diverse set of operating systems, browsers, and applications. That complex blend of high value assets on ever evolving platforms makes the data protection challenge more difficult. Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) delivers a set of data protection solutions integrated into and focused upon the Microsoft environment, Fortra™’s Digital Guardian® extends that protection with DLP that protects non-Microsoft OSs, browsers, and applications to ensure complete data protection. When integrated, Microsoft and Digital Guardian work together to provide you the best data protection for modern enterprises.


Maximize Your Data Protection Coverage and Investment

Data Protection 

Microsoft built a baseline of security in MIP, but organizations need more than just a baseline. Digital Guardian adds comprehensive data loss prevention with the capabilities you need to protect all your sensitive data. Granular classification based on content or context, workflows that speed incident resolution, and graduated controls ranging from log to prompt to block provide information security teams with the tools they need to be effective.

Visibility and Control 

MIP integrates into the Microsoft ecosystem, but that leaves gaps in your coverage for the rest of your business. Digital Guardian extends those controls to include all your on-premises and endpoint data including non-Microsoft OSs and apps your business relies upon. Our enterprise-wide visibility shows your data profile from the endpoint to the cloud, and our realtime analytics provide the insights to secure your business and document regulatory compliance. You can see and control all your data from one platform.

Policy Management 

Digital Guardian streamlines your data protection workflows with the integration into MIP. Data protection labels in your MIP environment are mapped to actions taken by Digital Guardian including user prompting or blocking prohibited actions that represent unacceptable levels of risk to the business. Policies are automatically updated and applied, reducing the administrative overhead on your information security team.


Unmatched Protection for Windows

Coverage for all your operating systems, browsers, and apps 

Digital Guardian complements Microsoft’s coverage to ensure that your organization’s data is seen and protected. With MIP coverage focuses on Windows 10, Edge browser, and Office applications, Digital Guardian expands that to include Linux, MacOS, Firefox, Safari, and the thousands of other apps that are used within your organization.

Protection on or off the corporate network 

Users are no longer constrained to the office and the protections afforded, work from anywhere needs data protection from anywhere. Digital Guardian augments MIP’s protection to ensure data on laptops and off the VPN are protected. From USB control to local printing visibility, your sensitive data is protected.

Analytics to measure, track, and report 

Digital Guardian’s Analytics & Reporting Cloud (ARC) aggregates data from our endpoint agent and network appliance, but also shows MIP events. You can track data events as they occur throughout the Digital Guardian and MIP environment whether to demonstrate compliance to regulators or to show the board how you protect critical IP. Flexible and customizable dashboards complement the pre-built workspaces to deliver immediate visibility.

Secure Setup, Configuration, and Deployment 

Microsoft built a baseline of security in MIP, but organizations need more than just a baseline. Digital Guardian adds comprehensive data loss prevention with the capability.

Digital Guardian and MIP Integration


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