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Managed Security Program for Healthcare


Reduce Risk: Discover, Monitor & Control PHI & PII

With our Managed Security Program for Healthcare, you can focus on strategic imperatives while our security experts provide the resources needed to prevent breaches of PHI and PII. 

Our service can: 
  • Locate and identify PHI & PII across your organization – including servers, databases, endpoints and cloud storage such as MS Office 365 and Box 
  • Get visibility, audit reporting and remediation of unsecured PHI 
  • Block PHI & PII being emailed outside your organization 
  • Monitor and control all communications channels –including email, Web, FTP, SSL, and applications such as webmail 
  • Scan files for PHI & PII as they are uploaded to cloud storage and automate remediation when required

Accurately Identifying PHI

A Program-Based Approach 

Data loss prevention is most effective when implemented as a program, rather than as a “set and forget” technology. Fortra™’s Digital Guardian® ’s program-based approach provides a proven combination of people, process and technology.

MSP Methodology


Security & compliance experts experienced with a wide range of healthcare – from community hospitals to IDNs


Proven enterprise risk management methodology for ongoing data protection and privacy compliance


Powered by our Database Record Matching fingerprinting technology - the industry’s most accurate for identifying and controlling PHI and PII

What You Get

Fully Managed Data Security Compliance Infrastructure 

  • Appliance installation & ongoing administration 
  • AD & SIEM integration 

Optimized PHI & PII Protection 

  • Continuous PHI & PII data discovery, classification and monitoring 

Fully Data Visibility 

  • Visibility into your actual PHI & PII data flows informs your security strategy 


Alerting and Incident Escalation 

  • Our team of experts watch for incidents that put your data at risk & take action 

Live and Configurable Reporting Dashboard 

  • One-stop portal for enterprise wide visibility


Why Digital Guardian MSP for Healthcare 

1. Exceptional Time to Value 

Our people, process and technology will enable you to improve HIPAA compliance faster than you ever could do internally, or with any other vendor 

2. Immediate Access to Compliance Assets 

10+ years experience implementing data protection compliance programs for healthcare 

3. The Most Accurate Technology For Identifying PHI & PII 

Our service is powered by Digital Guardian’s Database Record Matching technology. It’s the industry’s most accurate technology for identifying and controlling PHI & PII 

4. Policy Compliance Across All Channels - Including Cloud 

Discover, monitor, control PHI & PII, on the network, in use on desktops or laptops, at rest on network servers - or stored in the cloud 

5. Take Advantage of Our Programatic Best Practices 

You gain the benefit of our insights, experiences and processes protecting PHI and PII for more than 130 healthcare organizations

See how Digital Guardian can protect your organization’s sensitive data and critical assets.