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Digital Guardian Enables Secure Office 365


Protect Sensitive Data in your Office 365 Environment

Microsoft Office 365 is more than just email, it includes communication, storage, and productivity solutions, all of which integrate with your existing business systems, processes and data. Migrating to Office 365 means users can create, access, manage, and transmit business related information from almost anywhere. Fortra™’s Digital Guardian® extends the built-in Microsoft security with the enterprise DLP and endpoint protection features, analytics and reporting corporations need. To secure sensitive data in Office 365, SharePoint Online and OneDrive, Digital Guardian relies on visibility, analytics and controls on endpoints and BYOD devices, to and from the cloud, and throughout the corporate ecosystem.


Deepest and Broadest Visibility

GDPR Assessment Report

Comprehensive Security

Microsoft built in a baseline of security, but organizations need more than just a baseline. Digital Guardian adds comprehensive data loss prevention with granular classification, protection for non-Microsoft documents, and enterprise class analytics and reporting, offering the only truly data-aware DLP solution for your Office 365 deployment.

Enterprise-Wide Visibility

Controls for Office 365, SharePoint and OneDrive focus solely on the cloud, while Digital Guardian extends them to include coverage for your on-premise data, and can prevent sensitive data from getting to the cloud in the first place. Our enterprise-wide visibility shows your data profile from the endpoint to the cloud, and our real-time analytics provide the insights to secure your business and document compliance to regulations.

Centralized Policy Management 

With the multiple products within Office 365 such as email, cloud storage and both online and native Office documents, being able to create a single data protection policy that covers them all reduces InfoSec overhead and ensures consistent application of a policy. Digital Guardian’s unified, flexible controls range from logging activity to automatically blocking uploads of sensitive data.

Key Benefits

Flexible, Tailored Responses

With Digital Guardian, you can easily create automated responses tailored for your Office 365 environment. Policy based actions include: allow, log, prompt, move, block, encrypt, reroute, and quarantine. User notification at the time of potentially risky behavior reinforces desired data handling procedures.

Security Notice
Data in Motion Event Summary

Comprehensive Traffic Monitoring

Digital Guardian Network DLP monitors and controls all communications channels – including email (SMTP), web (HTTP/HTTPS), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and applications such as webmail. Digital Guardian appliances can be deployed as either physical or virtual machines.

Sensitive Data Discovery

Digital Guardian Discovery uses automatic, configurable scanning of local and network shares using specific inspection policies to ensure sensitive content is discovered wherever it is located. Digital Guardian can append permanent, tamper-resistant tags that resist attempts to mask content via file renaming, changing extensions, archiving, copy/pasting, or even screen captures. For existing documents or on-demand, Digital Guardian’s discovery capabilities catalog files to ensure complete visibility of data at rest across the organization and in the Office 365 cloud.

Classified Data at Rest

See how Digital Guardian can protect your organization’s sensitive data and critical assets.