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Your Data Will Travel - Shouldn't Your Security?



What is it that makes your organization unique? The answer to that usually lies within the data you’re creating and handling on a daily basis. And how do you ensure that your sensitive data is secure when it travels? The answer to that is by using secure collaboration.

Digital Guardian's secure collaboration solution encrypts and controls access to sensitive files wherever they go, taking a zero-trust approach to file sharing, quick and secure collaboration (external or internal), giving organizations peace of mind as their data moves around.

Watch the on-demand webcast to:

  • Learn how you can control who has access to your protected digital assets
  • Understand how to limit what people can do with files
  • See how Digital Guardian's secure collaboration (formerly Vera) is able to instantly revoke access to documents at any time
  • Get a live demo of Digital Guardian's secure collaboration capabilities, from the perspective of users who are encrypting documents and files, and those who are accessing