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Unstructured Data Sprawl? Time For Digital Guardian Secure Service Edge

by Wade Barisoff on Monday April 1, 2024

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Too many cloud apps? Digital Guardian Secure Service Edge (SSE) can help organizations better understand and manage unstructured cloud sprawl.

Have you noticed the number of cloud-based file shares that exist in the world today? Thousands of them have popped up and continue to emerge weekly as vendors expand their offerings to make their tools more comprehensive and give consumers more options. 

As bad actors, who continue to design ways to intercept and steal company data as it moves to those cloud-based services pop up, the industry is countering that activity with protocols and services to thwart “man-in-the-middle” attacks. It's been a dance that has been going on for the past 35 years (and will continue).  

The difference this time is that traditional methods of intercepting and inspecting data is a good reason for data loss prevention (DLP) to be impacted too. 

Most data loss prevention products on the market today rely on the ability to intercept and inspect data once it it's in-motion to an external service like a cloud storage service. If we're designing protocols and services to prevent that inspection, how can you manage what's being shared and where it's being shared? 

Digital Guardian Secure Service Edge is a new cloud-based service that allows you to understand and manage that unstructured sprawl. Digital Guardian's new endpoint to cloud solution, available today, has the ability to monitor and report what services your employees are using and establish controls over their use. 

Discovery is always the first step in the process: What are your employees using today? How large is your data sprawl? After that, you'll be able to evaluate the need and use of those tools and apply controls over them, giving you the ability to monitor data being stored in the cloud, block the movement of specific types of data - like sensitive company information, and if necessary, impose an all-out ban on specific sharing services. 

Managing risk is at the core of what data protection professionals do each and every day. As our data sharing landscape continues to grow and our company data starts to spread across a vast amount of services, it is still our obligation to ensure our company data (and customer data) is being properly managed. 

That is Digital Guardian Secure Service Edge. Digital Guardian SSE gives you visibility to see what services are in use today at your organization and apply controls over those services with products and services that can grow as your needs continue to grow. 

Learn more about Digital Guardian Secure Service Edge and how it can help organizations apply data security policies and controls wherever employees share data.

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