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Digital Guardian Managed Security Program


The Security Talent Shortage is Here to Stay

Many organizations struggle to find qualified security professionals to protect their sensitive data from insider and outsider threats. Even for organizations with a mature security team, deploying solutions often take too long to achieve meaningful results. Digital Guardian’s Managed Security Programs (MSP) act as a remote extension of your team and offers data protection as a managed service.


Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

Our Managed Solutions

MSP for Threat Aware Endpoint DLP

Our experts take care of the “heavy lifting” of: hosting, setup, ongoing monitoring, analyzing, tuning and maintenance of your endpoint DLP program. Our MSP customers repeatedly tell us that they were able to improve their data visibility and data security risk posture faster than they ever could have done by themselves, or with any other vendor.

MSP for Endpoint Detection and Response

Our elite team of Threat Hunters proactively hunt, detect and respond to attacks in real-time to contain ransomware and other advanced threats before your organization’s sensitive data is breached. Harnessing the power of DG’s data aware threat protection platform – the only technology that protects your data from both insider and outsider threats - our analysts can detect and remediate threats faster and more efficiently.


What You Get 

With our proven deployment framework and next generation technology, our 24/7 global analyst teams help you contain insider and outsider threats before sensitive data gets out of your organization.

Fully Managed Data Protection Infrastructure 
  • We deploy, host and manage your data protection infrastructure for you 
Instant Access to Security Experts 
  • Our security experts have 10+ years of experience implementing mission-critical data security, risk, incident response and compliance programs for Global 2000 companies and government agencies 
Visibility, Reporting and Threat Alerts
  • Live and configurable reporting dashboards provide real-time insights into sensitive data location, usage and threats 
  • Alerts and escalations of real-time insider and outsider threats 
Time to Value
  • Our proven methodologies helps you get to results fast 
  • Digital Guardian customers achieve phase-one deployment in 90 days or less 
No Upfront Cost
  • No upfront investment in technology or staff required


What Digital Guardian MSP Can Do for You 

1. Fill Your Security Talent Gap

 Leverage our InfoSec analysts, Incident Responders and Threat Hunters with 10+ years’ experience implementing mission-critical data security, incident response, and compliance programs. 

2. Get DLP & EDR That Works

 Standing up a successful DLP or EDR program is complex and extremely resource intensive. Even some of the largest companies in the world turn to our MSP team for effective DLP and EDR. 

3. Use the Resources You Have More Effectively 

With the DG MSP team managing the DLP infrastructure and the administration, your team can focus on governance and proactive compliance and security. 

4. Achieve Exceptional 

Time to Value DG MSP customers repeatedly tell us that they were able to improve their security risk posture faster than they ever could have done by themselves, or with any other vendor. 

5. Take Advantage of Our Programmatic Best Practices 

You gain the benefit of our insights, experiences and processes protecting the most critical information for hundreds of customers across a range of industries.

See how Digital Guardian can protect your organization’s sensitive data and critical assets.